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Back in 2011, Google had a bug which deleted all Gmail data for all users. It affected all servers & replication servers. They successfully restored it all from TAPE.....[Read more]

Dataspace Scotland has proudly achieved ISO certification for the Provision of Data Backup Solutions plus Professional Document Archive and Record Management Services.....[Read more]

Dataspace Scotland have joined the Stirling Chamber of Commerce, part of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce.....[Read more]

Dataspace Scotland have been accepted onto the Scottish Enterprise Business Growth Program....[Read more]

Formatting hard drives does not necessarily delete data stored on them, a security firm has warned.....[Read more]

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Total Data Management
DataSpace Scotland - Scan, Store, Shred, Backup and Media Vaulting

Data Management & Archive Storage
Records Management and Document Storage
Dataspace Scotland offer Document Scanning,  Archive Document Storage , Cloud Storage , Media Storage & Vaulting and Records Management services throughout Scotland.

What we do :

Benefits to your business :

  • Improved file organisation & record management
  • Create more useable space in your business
  • Easy file search & faster access - 24/7
  • Risk Reduction
  • Improved compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018)
  • Secure Destruction
  • Improved Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Capability
  • A safe, efficient and reliable way to access your files
  • 100% audit trail for all documents or media
  • Guaranteed offsite security for your data backup
  • Data backup media available 24/7 for restore

What our customers say about us :

"DataSpace Scotland have provided us with storage for many years now. Being a legal firm we need secure premises and efficient staff who can accommodate our needs especially at short notice. DataSpace Scotland have provided that for us"
Blackadder & McMonagle  

"We have been very impressed by the professionalism of Dataspace Scotland from the first meeting right through to the service we are currently receiving.
We were dreading starting the process of moving our existing boxes [over 1000] from the substandard store they were in to Dataspace’s secure premises, but the process was made so much less stressful by the guidance and assistance provided by Dataspace staff, they also made short work of the task of sifting through all of our existing boxes and advising what could be destroyed and then safely storing everything else, this level of service continues in the regular collection of new archive boxes and secure shredding that Dataspace provide.
Donald Stewart
Charitable Housing Association

 "We moved to a smaller office and therefore did not have the capacity to store the vast amount of files we had. It would have been impossible for our small office to have manually scanned all of the files. Dataspace Scotland were able to scan and store all of these files securely. They also boxed them up for us. We didn't have to lift a finger. If we ever need to call a file back we use the scan on demand service"
Shepherds Chartered Surveyors
"Dataspace Scotland manage our Backup. They replace and collect the tapes every day without any trouble or time to ourselves. Any data restore queries are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The service is excellent value and gives our company complete piece of mind over the safety of our valuable data. I would recommend Dataspace to anyone who is serious about disaster recovery issues within their business".
Lomond Plant Limited

What makes us different?
We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and efficient service while developing strong working relationships with each of our clients. By getting to know you and learning about your business, we know that we can provide the very best service in Data & Records Management, Document Storage or Scanning and Destruction services.
Please contact us to discuss how we can help your business on 01786 870967 or click here to send us an email
Data Backup Sales & Repair Services
Backup Tape Drive And Library Sales and Repair
 Dataspace Scotland (SPS Limited) provide Data Backup Hardware Solutions & Maintenance Services throughtout the UK, Europe and Rest of the world
We provide a wide range of Backup Hardware products including Disk products, Tape Drive, Virtual Tape, Enterprise Disk Backup systems and Backup Tape Library products and services including Storagetek , IBM , Dell , Quantum and HP .

Whether you require an internal desktop tape drive, a small office autoloader, a disk backup solution, or a backup library system - whatever your needs are, we have the experience to provide the solution to fit your requirements.
We offer a high quality Backup Tape Drive and Library Repair Service and Refurbishment service from our In-house Repair Centre, with our Advance Exchange service ensuring that any downtime is kept to a bare minimum.
We provide Onsite Hardware Maintenance/Repair  and Hardware Support services for all backup systems and servers throughout Scotland.
Our Remote Backup Monitoring & Backup Management  services will ensure your backup runs on schedule & succesfully every time. This can be combined with offsite storage of portable backup media on a scheduled rotation for optimum security and data recoverability.
With UK & Europe wide satisfied customers, we have the solutions you require to keep your data safe, and improve your business continuity.
Contact us to find out more about how our products and services can help your business or Telephone +44 (0) 1786 870967
Storage Products Services SPS Ltd (trading as Dataspace Scotland)
What we're doing to protect the environment
Our solar installation was completed in September 2012 with 200 photovoltaic cells installed - creating energy for use and also avoiding creation of Co2 emissions.  In addition to this we have on-site power generators and battery gen-sets, to provide full & seamless operation in the event of loss of grid power.
Solar Energy Generated to date (45,000 kWh per annum)
  211,000 kWh
Co2 Emissions Avoided Per Annum 
35,000 ton per annum  (equivalent to taking 10,000 cars off the road for a year !)
Worried about the new General Data Protection Regulation, being introduced in May 2018   #GDPR  ?
At Dataspace Scotland, we  can help you work through the requirements for archiving of files, setting destruction review dates where appropriate, and ensuring data is destroyed in a timely manner.
Your obligations to keep personal data records secure and for the correct period of time can be a burden, however with a strong archiving system in place, this burden will be greatly reduced.
From secure offsite file storage, to scanning and secure destruction, Dataspace Scotland can provide all the services you need to help with your GDPR compliance
Call Jane now on 01786 870967
or email us HERE