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Dataspace Scotland have joined the Stirling Chamber of Commerce, part of the Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce.....[Read more]

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Our Secure WebTrack System

Fully Managed Data Backup

Dataspace Scotland, provide a remote fully managed data backup service to take the pain of backup away. Our service leaves you in full control of your data, whilst being confident that the backup is run on schedule and runs successfully every time

After initial consultation, we will establish what data requires backed up, and on what schedule it should be backed up. We will agree on any additional or new hardware that may be required and install this where appropriate. This will enable critical data to be backed up on to tape.

We will then set up the backup schedules and run extensive testing to make sure everything runs smoothly before the backup goes live.

All backups are monitored remotely from our premises and any failures or issues are dealt with immediately.

Our staff will physically change over the tape media either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the defined rotation cycle and will monitor the hardware performance on each visit. All backup media tapes are stored securely offsite in our backup media vault which has a 4hr fire rating.

Benefits To You:

  • Business critical data is backed up.
  • You retain your data on your servers.
  • Eradicates the need for a dedicated employee to manage your system backups.
  • Your backup data is securely stored offsite.
  • Fast response should you require data to be restored urgently

Let us take away the stress of having to manage your own system backups and give you 100% confidence that your data is being protected .
Contact us on 01786 870967 to discuss your requirements with our sales and support team or contact us here.

Specialists in Managing your Documents Data.

Records Management, Tape Drive Library Backup Solutions and Offsite Data Storage for lifetime management of paper based or electronic documents, files media.

"Dataspace Scotland manage our Backup tapes. They replace and collect the tapes every day without any trouble to ourselves. Any queries or issues with the backup are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The service is excellent value for money and gives our company complete piece of mind over the safety of our data. I would recommend Dataspace to anyone who is serious about disaster recovery issues within their business".
Lomond Plant Limited
Your data under your control - protected by us
Your data under your control - protected by us.

Your backup will be remotely monitored to ensure its success and any failures dealt with immediately 
Your backup will be remotely monitored to ensure its success and any failures dealt with immediately.